Joining the race and breaking the patterns…

Joining The Race...

For those of you who know me or have ever known me or would like to know me;) I would probably be the last person on your mind to have started a blog. I was certainly the last person on mine! But strange things happened, I started reading….A LOT, which eventually gave me the initiative to write…A LOT. Soon I started ignoring work and spent the office hours writing non-stop, till one day I was urged to make it public and hence here I am today.

I am an Indian girl with the aim to create my unique stamp in the world of fitness and wellbeing with the intention of joining the race to fight cancer. A world that is pretty male dominated. A world that has suspicious reactions towards anything associated with the likes of exerting any more energy than required.

I have a dream of building a successful foundation when I should be dreaming of marriage. I have a dream of facing reality and working towards being one of the best cancer exercise trainers out there, when I should be dreaming of being the best wife to my husband. I have a dream of exposing myself to the bitterness and sad realities of life to fight my personal inner demons, when I should be dreaming of acquiring a rich husband and secured financial wealth for the rest of my life. This is the dilemma an Indian girl faces. At 27 I have well surpassed the marriage bracket. I might not represent the typical Indian girl but we damn well have these notions ingrained in us.

So I’m breaking the pattern and fighting the dilemmas. No I am not getting married, no I am not thinking of becoming a billionaire or marrying one but I’m standing up against what I fear the most, which destroyed my life and took the most precious person away from me. Maybe this is one of my many ventures that I plan out for myself or maybe it’s my destined future (my family have their doubts in good reason) and we’ll soon find out, but till then I write this blog, not solely to spread awareness, or to be an articulate writer by any means (as you can see) or make a successful business out of it, but to share my journey. I want to try and find answers to a better life through exercise and a clean diet and show whoever is out there that we can win this battle and hear the music.

I also promise not to be so serious ever again!!!


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  1. Ryan says:

    Well done. Sounds like a great escapade.

    1. Mann Praveen sirohi says:

      It’s so touching,straight from the heart….not easy to share such inner and personal feelings….I’m proud that I know someone like you….
      I wish that your dream come true very soon…and I really want to play a significant role in your foundation….

      1. Samara says:

        Its not easy but i have friends like you who support me so thank you…

    2. Samara says:

      Hopefully! thank you:)

  2. Gianfranco Lunetta says:

    My dear Samara,

    Your letter (because this is for the moment your blog) is very real, sincere and extremely optimistic in its underlying sadness, so I wish you a great luck for this new “adventure” and if you can accept an advice from an old uncle (I’ve known you since you were at primary school …):

    “Follow your instinct and not listen the free (?) advice or opinion of anyone. Often, indeed always, when someone is not able to do something, he/her tell you that you can’t do it! But 99% ot the times it’s wrong. If this will be your true destiny and passion you’ll find out very soon … believe me! ”

    Stereotypes, such as a multi-millionaire husband (most of the times an idiot) or a wealthness only materialistic, instead of an inner one … , have never written pages of history, nowhere. Also in India.

    When you will establish your Foundation (I hope soon) if you need a hand to “communicate” well the message I will be happy and honoured to help you, in the memory of one of the most beautiful, hard, dry, strong, but extremely loyal Ladies I’ve ever known in my life.

    A friendly kiss to your “guardian angel” …

    1. Samara says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Yes the one thing she did teach me was to stand tall and not depend on anyone or anything because we are good enough…
      Your support is always appreciated 🙂

  3. Rebecca says:

    You have my support! Brilliant read so far. Go for it, Samara!

    1. Samara says:

      Thank you Rebecca…so much more to share..hope you enjoy it even more!

  4. Kavita says:

    I’m so proud of you samara! When there is passion, you can leap over speed breakers, jump over pot holes land on both feet and continue running toward your finish line 🙂
    Good luck !

    1. Samara says:

      Awwww now that is a fantastic analogy!!!

  5. Dear samara
    Before i proceed ,you owe me a visit . Oh oh what ever i typed got erased, cursor goes hay wire on me
    Congrats , wish you continued success on your accomplishment, you deserve a high five . You are right on target and for your young age you know exactly what you want and your guardian angel up there would approve,you have my stamp of approval,you go trooper. you need any healthy advice on food Rajeev graduated in MSC in food science

    Shakun Shahani

    1. Samara says:

      Dear Shakun aunty, i do owe you a visit and now that Rajeev can give me some nutrition advice i’m already looking at flights!
      She will be very proud but even more so that you support me. Thank you. X

  6. Robby Banner says:

    So nice Samara – you have a steady head on those shoulders (toned shoulders I should point out) and it will take you places – behind you a 100% – you go girl!

    1. Samara says:

      Thanks Robbie…especially for the toned shoulders compliment!!!! Really appreciate your support…keep reading!

  7. Laiqa Shah says:

    So proud of you Sam!!! I’m so sure you will achieve the stars. If you ever need any help, please know I am always here! Lots of love

    1. Samara says:

      I always need your help laiqs 🙂 you will be getting calls don’t worry…

  8. Ankita Vashistha says:

    Really nice to hear about the wonderful stuff you are doing Samara. I wish you all the luck and success in the world:)

    1. Samara says:

      Hi Ankita,
      Thank you so much. We might not know each other that well but you still support me…so thank you..i hope you enjoy reading!

  9. Daanish says:

    Wow Samara that is immense sense of purpose and focus i can see here. If there is any thing i can do to contribute my 2 cents about fitness, nutrition or help in any way i will be more than glad to lend a nudge to this fast accelerating train.

    Good luck and god speed to you !!!

    1. Samara says:

      Just follow my blog and spread the word…that will be more than 2 cents… 🙂

  10. Natasha says:

    First of all welcome to the world of being vegetarian I am proud that you have chosen this path , if there would be no obsticals and no challenges then there would be no self growth , we only grow when we have resistance. It is ironic how losing this precious person in our life’s have lead us to these beautiful life choices , she is guiding us and we will win . Our body is our only companion to the very end so I end by quoting a great man ” let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates

    1. Samara says:

      Thank you lovely….yes you’re absolutely right i think we both know that obstacles only bring you positivity and success in the long run…its also ironic how losing this person has also gotten both of us to choose a path that is so different from one another but so in sync with its beliefs and values…love u. X

  11. Tony Droza says:

    God Bless You Samara you will always have that PRECIOUS PERSON beside you Guiding & Protecting You Forever. God Bless you Darling

  12. Ajay Gulati says:

    Samara dear thank you for being such a great inspiration.
    Count on me for anything that may strengthen your journey.
    Love you much.

    ~ Ajay

  13. Sunder uncle says:

    Wonderful my dear little Samarooo I’m extremely proud of u. Ur dear mum would be even more proud. Take care little girl. We are always there for you.

  14. Masuma says:

    Samara thumps up!! All the best in ur new begining. I am there for u when u need me love masuma

  15. keerti says:

    Hey Samara Great going ! Wishing you the very best !! Follow your dreams !! your angel up there is always watching you over you !!!!

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