How I’m going to be an optimist about this…


Where I come from we’re the best judges in the world. We should be hired to judge everything, even before seeing what we’re judging. We have officially mastered the flawless art of judging things, places, people, events anything that can be judged, which is more or less everything in this world.

BUT in our minds we’re very modest people. We will never hold that claim to fame. We are so profound in our thinking and don’t carry an ounce of judgment in us. Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind? You seem like a very shallow person to even think that!

Being the youngest of a large family with uniquely domineering personalities that epitomizes the notion of organized chaos, I thought I would learn a hell of a lot. Well I learnt nothing. I did however get a beautiful amalgamation of drastically varied advice on a daily bases, not judgments mind you, but advice. I loved it but as an indecisive Libran it left me lost and confused.

So when I took my very long nail-biting journey back from NYC to India as a proud graduate from AAPT, ready to sit my American College of Sports Medicine exam and finally take the first step towards becoming a Cancer Exercise Specialist, I knew I had so much “advice” ready and stewed for me to face. As I had judged (cuz we’re damn good at it) there were definitely varied opinions that came my way. But that’s not all, while I slowly mingled back into the “social scene” I got even better reactions. Some were awfully strange facial expressions, like I had just declared my decision to stay a spinster for the rest of my life. Others were extremely sympathetic so I had to check myself and assure them that I was ok and just wanted to help people with cancer through exercise. The best was this one person who totally avoided the “exercise specialist” part of it and shouted the word CANCER with a mouth full and lets just say a heart attack on a plate!

Do I have to be this hard hearted, stone figured, close to emotionally numb individual to get into the field of cancer and exercise?? Or the fact that it’s so personal is actually going to help? Or does neither matter?

I don’t know, but the difference today is that I have discovered a beautiful gift. I am gifted to have such varied advice. To have the beauty of such dynamic personalities that surround me because each one of those opinions, if I can call it, makes me stronger. I have now discovered the ingenious way of using all these opinions/reactions/advice; whatever you might call it, to push me towards my goals. I will always get to take a bit of them on my journey and how lucky am I to have that!


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  1. Mann Praveen sirohi says:

    It’s really so interesting to read you….every time whether it’s a different article or the same one again and again….thumbs up…

  2. Kavita says:

    So true samara! It’s always easy to judge someone else but when it comes to oneself we can so easily find excuses. Human beings in general are almost always in judgement of another, and Even when we make a conscious effort not to it some how creeps in again! If we could escape the ‘ego’ what a wonderful world this would be ! If we could live like animals, if we could live for the moment, we would all be free 🙂
    Enjoyed reading this! Really makes me step back and think. Keep blogging 🙂 xx

  3. Nirav says:

    truly optimistic- we can all learn from your learning 🙂

    1. We can all learn together 🙂

  4. kautuk says:

    haha.. good article, enjoyed reading it, u r getting better at it !

  5. fahd moidu says:

    reaching ur page was DESTINY, but reading it, was an HONOR , , what u write it touches or say connects to every soul who reads it,

    1. Im so happy to hear that… 🙂

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