Realize your future is somebody else’s past…

photo 2 (3)Oversized sunglasses, greasy plates of what we call perfect hangover food, a number of diet cokes and a couple of friends sat around a table reminiscing about last night’s debauchery. Such a familiar setting, almost every weekend I was in this situation cursing alcohol and promising it was the last time ever. What made matters worse was I had chosen this day to accompany an old friend to a charitable organization he had supported for many years. I seriously wanted to kill myself. The last thing on my mind was to visit a charity and expose myself to all that comes with it. (My mother was always one who gave greatly without a flinch. But why were my thoughts so different? Why did I conveniently ignore the brutal realities of life?) Very apprehensively I went, but deep down inside would’ve rather avoided it altogether. I really didn’t want to do this. Oh gosh why did I have to agree? I’m not this person; it’s not for me!

While we entered the home, an elderly woman came running towards me with the biggest smile, held my hands and welcomed us in. After her many followed suit, with big smiles and eyes glowing with pure excitement to see us. I won’t forget an old woman in particular, easily in her 90’s. She held my hands and recited nursery rhymes. She proudly recited one after the other and with her toothless smile she walked away.


We finally met Raja wearing a simple white t-shirt and worn out trousers. Many know him as “Auto Raja” the man who started a home for the destitute called the Home of Hope. We followed him into his humble office. He told me his story and showed me videos. He then took us around the women and children’s facilities and proudly showed off his hard work. He teased and played with everyone, no sympathy, no pity, he treated them like you and me while they all affectionately called him “daddy”.

Upon leaving I sympathetically asked how I could help. His face drowned in remorse, he humbly called me “sister” and requested if I could reprint his brochures. This incredible man who had traveled the world to raise funds, won awards, been on CNN, TED Talks and much more, to just get plain recognition and nothing else. Been used and abused by the police force and refused by the government. Worked day in and out to feed 450 plus people of all illnesses, caste, class, religions, was now asking me to help with his brochures and that’s it!


While I shamefully reeked alcohol and perspired profusely, I walked out of there with a strange feeling. A feeling that not only remained with me everyday since but slowly and steadily grew into something so meaningful. This feeling has changed everything, my path, my journey and my choices and still continues to do so.

Revelations don’t happen meditating for hours in search for enlightenment. As a lovely girl told me the other day, “you don’t get closer to god sitting on a mountain”:). Revelations happen in the intricacies of monotonous regimens of everyday life. They happen when u least expect it. While sleeping, eating, running, in the toilet, or on! Don’t look and stop searching, just let the universe do its job. Mine happened on a very hungover day with two amazing people. My friend’s insistence for me to expose myself to reality and Raja’s reality…so thank you!

One man so uneducated, helpless and without a penny to his name was so intelligent, so helpful and so rich by rescuing more than a thousand lives…!

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  1. Shalay says:

    Wow! Thank you for being humble and transparent. I’m inspired. Keep them coming.

    1. Thank you for reading….

  2. Kavita says:

    Beautiful words Samara . I always remember you being very kind and helpful to others (especially those in need ) , from giving them ur cycle to play with, to creating a classroom with a black board and lots of chalk …you the teacher of course 🙂 from dressing them up, to teaching them how to swim(that’s something I will never forget!)
    Your mum had the biggest heart iv ever known … And she passed that on to you.
    This is going to be an amazing journey… I’m so happy to share it with u.

  3. Thank you i mentioned my journey will only be so much more meaningful if i can share it with people like you. X

  4. fahd moidu says:

    Realize your future is somebody else’s past… was a perfect name for it. secondly AUTO RAJA he has touched so many hearts and inspired a lot. i still remember wen i met him for the first time during ma boarding days in cottons , he changed ma attitude towards ma life. still remember his story hw he changed from a gangster to what he is today. every one has a point in life wen he/she realizes wat he/she has to do wit 1s lyf. hope people who read it feels de same.
    samara mahindra, even a smile is a charity 🙂 ,

  5. You’re absolutely right 🙂

  6. kautuk says:

    Quite a transformation for you, very honest and touching piece, loved reading it

    1. Yes still very much going through the transformation… 🙂

  7. Tehzeeb says:

    Beautiful, real and inspiring words Samara! What you’re doing is amazing, wishing you all the love and luck for your journey, will continue reading :):) xxxxx

    1. Thank you so much Tehzeeb. The support means the world and please spread the word for me!.
      Lots of love. xxx

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