You know a whole lot more than you think?


In spite of living in this chaotic, deeply diverse and extraordinarily complicated world of over 7 billion people, we have fallen into a seamless spectrum of categorized industries. What I’m trying to say is that we all tend to choose various fields of work and consequently have different resumes. Although deathly competitive, industries are still segregated beautifully. We have writers, artists, athletes, musicians, lawyers so on and so forth. Due to inferior knowledge about another industry, we quite willingly give the educated person or institution precedence to make an informed decision. So much so that we have somewhat become victims of these situations. All in good reason though. I would trust my lawyer to make the right legal decision, a chef to prepare a worthy meal and a doctor to diagnose and prescribe the suitable treatment and medication. Right?

Wrong, maybe a few years ago but surely not today. It is difficult for me to generalize but I will talk about one that has played relevance in my life lately, the medical and health care system. I speak from a very personal perspective. One that I experienced and learnt a few life lessons from and would love to share with you.

We put so much faith in our doctors and their recommendations, choices and decisions that we lose the ability to make one on our own. We have no clue about medicines and treatments, so obviously we would, but today as I study disease reversal in terms of prevention, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation I am confronted by an ugly truth. Although these systems are “beautifully segregated” they are still very much a part of a larger system, a further significant and governing body. To put simply and quite self explanatory, here are few facts of life.

  1. The automotive, pharmaceutical, oil and food (specifically packaged and meat) are some of the biggest and most influential industries in the world today.
  2. These industries play a pivotal role in our global economy.
  3. The government therefore works everything in its power to keep these industries alive and thriving.

Due to lack of knowledge, I can’t speak about oil and automotive, but as I get a glimpse into the food and medical industry I sit in disbelief. Equally, over here it is suffice to say that the medical system in general has been more than beneficial to us in many ways. I mean today not only do we have triple but also quadruple bypass surgeries, GREAT!!! Through genetic testing we can learn about our “supposedly inherited” cancer risks and take precautions by stripping away our identities, EVEN BETTER!!! Basically you are sure to find a prescribed medicine for almost all illnesses and their side effects.


We were lucky enough however to have had a top Oncologist who not only prescribed the best options but also was compassionate, loving and took a personal vested interest in my mother’s case (not found very easily today). At that point I didn’t even consider other alternatives, such as the power in food and exercise, simple but effective.

It is so important to remember that there are always options available along with opportunities to gain knowledge. Don’t shy away from learning about an unfamiliar field, not asking questions and not making your own informed decision. If someone told me that I would be interested in disease reversal through food and exercise or even mentioned that I would have any remote interest in the healthcare system, I would have laughed at the ridiculousness of the statement. This being purely due to the fact that I don’t have a degree in medicine or any associated degree of the same.

But today I have gained a fair bit of knowledge about this field simply through reading books, talking to various people, attending workshops, watching informative videos and talks on related topics, researching and educating myself on a daily bases. So my suggestion is do the same. Whether your natural instinct is to turn towards a doctor, nutritionist, spiritual advisor or Reiki healer, gain as much knowledge as you can and never ignore alternatives. Study what system they belong to and then make your choice. Always know you have the ability to learn as much as you can in any field to make the best decision for yourself or your loved one.

photo 1 (4)

Its never too late or too early!

Especially when it comes to health, because no matter which industry we belong to or what work we do, one fact of life remains true. Nothing or no one is more important than our health!

Some food for thought-  “The entire system – government, science, medicine, industry and media – promotes profits over health, technology over food and confusion over clarity.” T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D


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  1. Shalay says:

    On point once again. We have to be our own biggest advocate. We should ask questions, and challenge some of the information the “experts” provide because this keeps them proficient at their job. If we don’t then there’s even more room for error on the issue addressed in this blog

    1. Completely agree. We have this innate dependency and trust towards someone or something we are unfamiliar with, especially when it comes to the medical field. It is so important to realise that we don’t need any formal education or degree to gain knowledge and question.

  2. kautuk says:

    Even if someone is slightly intelligent, with the help of internet and libraries one can gather enough knowledge to make good decisions.. So ppl should change their attitude from just following blindly to being more aware before taking actions.

  3. fahd moidu says:

    Early morning u start ur day with BRUSHING, but do ppl ever think of reading the contents in their paste, like it contains silica and other chemicals which are not good for ur health, den dey move on to have a tea or coffee , made of milk which u gt in packets, 95% of them dont knw ,that de milk dey gt in packets are made of chemicals, added to keep it fresh and it is made of more than 80% powder(chemical added again). den dey have fast food, r dey sure wat dey gt is fresh. i have been to a restaurant recently were dey said me tat de fish dey serve is HALAL!!! hw come fish be halal, ,coming to doctors ,u jus make a visit, dey give u some antibiotics. u have a viral fever dey giv u a something for bacterial problems. all in hurry burry to make fast cash. esp in country like india were the market of drugs is over 100 billion$. and most of the drugs u gt in pharmacy r fake. or doctor ask u to take a specific brand (which he is paid to prescribe) which cost u in thousands but u gt the same generic medicine in much cheaper rate( y dont dey read). i agree with you, if people start to read a bit it can bring about change, but i still go with my granny natural medicines like tulsi for fever , spices like turmeric which are very good anti bacterial ……… BUT in today’s world , can we trust the fertilizers they use????????

    1. Thats my point precisely, we cant trust it. So research as much as you can, gain all the knowledge needed and then make decisions.

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