The Dirty Little Secret Revealed!

FacetuneMy daily diet comprised of egg whites, close to a whole chicken, sometimes fish (usually boiled or roasted), 2 to 3 cups of coffee with skimmed milk and steamed vegetables. Excessively high protein, minimal carbs and no fat. I was clearly putting Atkins to shame with this one. But carbs was bad and so was fat right? However I lost no weight, actually gained and yo-yoed on the scale for more than half my life, suffered from skin problems, energy levels depleted most times and just overall (lack of a better word but most appropriate) felt like crap! As I have drastically changed my lifestyle and eating habits today I have come to a bittersweet realization. Bitter because I was unaware of the extreme internal damage I was doing to my immune system and external physical body, sweet because I have now learnt the dirty little secret. What made me think about change? Well many things, but what got me to actually do it was one very simple book.

There really isn’t a shortage of health and nutrition hardcovers stacked around me at any given point, but this one got my attention and how. It’s the reason why I find it absolutely imperative to share with you. But I sit here racking my brains on how exactly I do this. A book that has gained unprecedented accolade due to its intensive research in weight loss, long-term health and most importantly disease prevention and reversal. This book highlights the widest and most comprehensive research ever conducted in the world history of food and nutrition. So then why would it be difficult to convince anyone to read it? Well here’s the hitch, it’s content broadly and very strongly advocates the importance of a plant-based, whole foods diet. In our English this means vegetarian and more so, vegan. Ah so now you get it, but hold on because what if I told you we have the power to switch on and off almost all acute, chronic and terminal illnesses?

photo (21)For the sake of some background knowledge, I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful woman who looked after me all my life, more as a daughter than anything else. So now whenever I’m back in the city she so sweetly tries to spend all her time with me before I retreat once again. This is often done by narrating long drawn stories about only she knows what, which inevitably and unfortunately gets my mind wandering onto other things. This time on how I can give the book its much-deserved credibility, leading me to interrogate her about her food habits. I then realize she eats pretty close to what is considered ideal for optimal health. Of course conveniently ignoring the undercover sweet tooth she satisfies once in awhile! She is probably around 85 or 86 years old, “probably” because she has no idea and therefore with some research and calculations I reached an approximate number. She doesn’t know this because she is not educated, comes from a small village and is as far as one can get from the western world (and from ours). This explains her confused reactions to some of the foods I warned her to stay away from, ironically all due to her lack of knowledge!

So here she is, in her mid 80’s relatively fit, healthy and going for brisk walks everyday. And here we are, heart attacks in our 20’s, cancer as the new trend in the disease world and an explosion of diabetes in children, to name a few. Do you see a nasty correlation? We are very blindly and carelessly going down a dangerous path, a path that is not increasing our life expectancy but decreasing it considerably. Just then quite amazingly I received an email from the hospital with my recent blood results. Every marker was on track. My cholesterol had reduced so excessively that the woman called and asked what I was doing. Yes I was borderline cholesterol on essentially a non-fat, low carb, high protein diet with more than enough exercise I assure you and now I know why exactly. This is in addition to many other positives that I have experienced (with eating a lot of carbs) and continue to do so in just four weeks of adopting a new lifestyle.

photo (19)Called “The Grand Prix” of epidemiological studies by The New York Times, The China Study written by the renowned T. Colin Cambell, Ph.D. and Thomas M. Cambell II, MD is a book that tells you how it is. No spiritual guidance, positive energy fields or even ethical and moral attitudes towards animal cruelty but hard-hitting facts about government initiatives, the medical world and food industries. The secrets that are concealed so intelligently under our impeccably fried bacon and eggs, pink to perfection sirloin steak and seduced senses of mouth-watering desserts. I find The China Study so crucial that I hope one day it’s information is incorporated into school curriculums, however with the status quo we currently abide by, I can’t help but mock myself for the thought.

Its easy turn a blind eye towards the truth, we live once lets live it the way we wish (heard this many a times), conveniently ignore reality and some actually like me who live in misconception. Somehow you know all that you need to and believe as much as you should. But I call bluff. I say you don’t and I say you’re living in absolute oblivion. Believe me our health is what holds strong through our successes and failures, heartbreaks and conciliations, and in fact the only thing that really matters at the end. My intention is not to be mother figure here but if you really want to know its worth, ask the person who has lost it.

Do you desperately want to change your diet habits but fail on most occasions due to lack of “discipline” (as some might call it)? Then read The China Study. It won’t give you the discipline you need, it will change your perspective and hence you will not need discipline because you will embrace it as a part of your life. On the other hand if you are happy eating the way you are, you still want to read this book because it will give you the facts about the world you live in and show you how much of a victim you are of propaganda.

If you’re not much of a reader then watch the extraordinary documentary, Forks Over Knives. It will take one hour of your life but I promise it will change your perspective forever and most probably you.

Watch the trailer below.

Food for though – “You take a cardiologist and he’s learned all about beta blockers, he’s learned about calcium antagonists, he’s learned about how to run this catheter up into your heart and blow up balloons or laser it or stent it without you and it’s very sophisticated. And there’s all these nurses and there’s lights out and there’s drama. I mean it’s just, oh my god, the doctor blows up the balloon in his head. The ego of these people is enormous. And then someone comes along and says, “You know, I think we can cure this with brussels sprouts and broccoli.” The doctor’s response is, “WHAT? I learned all this crap, I’m making a freakin’ fortune, and you want to take it all away?” Caldwell B. Esselstyne, M.D. – former internationally known surgeon, researcher and clinician at the Cleveland Clinic.


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