“Inhale the good shit, exhale the bulshit”

Today I’m only just beginning to live. Doing what I absolutely love and exposing myself to the depths of what the journey has to offer. I have suddenly gotten so involved with “me” that some think I might be going a bit crazy. The other day I was asked if I was feeling “ok” when caught in the midst of having a laugh at myself. Now that definitely sounds like I’m walking down a little road called “Crazyville”, but actually its so much fun…try it!

No wonder I love running, it’s probably the loneliest thing you can do, its just you and your breath. All my crazy thoughts and even crazier visions happen when I run. So crazy that sometimes I ridicule myself. As crazy as the thoughts of changing my career, packing my bags and flying off to an unfamiliar city as New York, deciding to work in a breast cancer rehabilitation program, writing a blog, maybe a book, turning vegan and running two half marathons one after the other. Uhmm!


So here’s the thing, we’ve all heard of miracles and with a definition such as an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency” we’ve also given up on the hopes of it ever occurring in our lives. But the truth is miracles are waiting to happen to us on every level. A miracle is not a divine agency and certainly not out of our realm. A miracle is just a shift of perception, thoughts and beliefs. They are stimulated through imagination and imagination is revved up when you find something stimulating to do. Mine is going for a run, what’s yours? What is the one thing that gets you thinking, dreaming, imagining and visualising? It can be painting, cooking or even listening to music. Once you recognise that, just do more of it. But this time, believe in its truth not its falsity and you will be amazed at what follows. This is it. This is all you have to do. Keep visualizing and truly feel like you’re in that moment.

I am blown away by the situations that occur in my life EVERY SINGLE DAY, the opportunities I get and the people I connect with from all over the world. It is so in sync with everything I dream about, that I cant help but question its reality sometimes or my poor sister-in-law who has heard more than enough of it.

So while I lived in this very dreamy land, I was led to an amazing woman. One who has encountered her share of obstacles and through her journey discovered miracles. Gabrielle Bernstein is a learner, teacher and downright inspiring person who intrigued me to dig deeper. Gabreille shows you how you can live beyond your wildest dreams. New York Times best selling author, graced TEDX, Google and many other international platforms and most importantly been on Oprah!!! She is no false persona but simply calls herself a “spirit junkie”.

photo 2


Think about a specific time, or picture your present situation. Now look at what’s around you, the people, things and events. Don’t they just fit into your puzzle? That’s because somewhere at some point in the past you subconsciously visualized it, the highs and unfortunately even the lows. So now do it consciously. It’s when you change your perception or believe in something strongly, situations will show up that reflect your exact feelings. Some call it the law of attraction, some call it manifestations or power of the mind, and some call it miracles. It doesn’t matter and no amount of words can explain, so just try it because living in black in white is damn boring!


While I followed Gabrielle and learnt all about her teaching, I felt a strong desire to meet her and actually pictured doing just that. The next moment while watching another one of her videos, she ended it by informing her viewers about her upcoming manifestation workshop in New York City on the 22nd of March. Just then I glanced at my screen calendar and realized my ticket was already booked to New York for the 12th of March. I will now be very much a part of that workshop! Moreover, I have been looking for a community of likeminded people to connect and network with and guess what? Herfuture.com (founded by Gabrielle) showed up shortly after. This is just to name two!

You might deem these as simple coincidences but I affirm them as EXACTLY what I visualized. Because nothing is a coincidence and everything you experience will always reflect your thoughts. Once you recognize that and truly believe in your dreams, the world changes within and so does everything around you. This is where your dreams become a reality. This is where miracles happen. This is when you inhale the good shit while exhaling the bulshit and this is when just laughing at yourself once in awhile becomes so much fun.

 “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety” A Course in Miracles


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