Know this one simple trick and it can change everything!

We indulge in food at times of sorrow, we celebrate our moments of joy with food, we often express of our love and hospitality through food and use it to fuel our body, mind and soul. So wouldn’t it be pretty damn obvious that food plays a pivotal role in healing us through various diseases, eradicating the toxicity that lies within us and re-fueling our bodies back into healthy, disease free individuals? From ancient traditions to modern nutrition, all state one basic fact of life, food heals! Eating a clean and nutrient rich diet is the most vital medicine on this planet earth, well surpassing many conventional treatments.

I never really paid attention to this before because if I did, maybe then I could’ve made a difference in my mother’s prognosis! Today as I educate myself about the benefits of a nutritiously rich diet and learn more everyday, I shake my head in disbelief. I feel regretful to have taken the wrong steps when it came to diet and nutrition, while placing all our faith in conventional medicine and waiting for the inevitable to happen. Paying all due respect to medicine and what it has to offer, it can help in many ways, but nothing and I believe absolutely nothing is stronger than the power of food.

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So whats the trick? The answer is mindful eating. I am sure you have heard this many a times to just let it sweep over your head once again, because I did. And now this has become the most important change I have ever made in my life. We’re so lost in thought when we eat, so distracted by television, phone calls, internet, the hot guy or girl sitting in front of us, the so not hot guy or girl sitting in front of us, that we rarely pay attention to our food. I’m not talking about savoring the flavors, because most of us do that. On my plate I always leave the best for the last and also steal everyone else’s last for my own satisfaction..hehe! I’m talking about how your body feels when you eat. We eat so much more than required. We get carried away with portion sizes and eat till we’re bursting. Yes I have unbuttoned many a buttons at the dining table and I know I’m not alone!!!


It’s a simple yet very powerful practice. The next time you eat, concentrate on your food, chew every bite to pulp and feel how your body reacts. That’s all you have to do! I’m not advocating vegetarianism, lacto, ovo, vegan, raw or whatever you might call it. Hell, it eat as much meat as you want, but do this one thing. Be mindful about what’s on your plate and concentrate on how you feel while you eat. Your body knows you best. Let it guide you. Let it tell you when you’re full, when you’re still hungry and whether a certain food makes you feel energetic and light or lethargic and sluggish. We have the incredible power of the mind people, use it.

I promise you try this once and if you don’t feel different or full with half the portion size you’re use to having or even re-evaluate the choice of food you made on your plate, well I will make you do it again!!! Because this is sure to happen and when it does you will know what im talking about and when you stick to it you will be blown away by the way you start to think, feel and look.

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are” 


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  1. faizrezwan says:

    I have just started my 8 day juicing fast and have successfully completed my first day!! Will keep u posted on how the remaining 7 pan out!! Cheers!!

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Fantastic! The first few days are always hard but then the surge of energy you get is crazy!!! Please keep me updated very curious to know how it goes!!! Good luck!

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