Kale Me Maybe?

With the rapidly innovative, inventive and almost assured misleading diet fads out there consisting of free this, low that and so on and so forth, I might as well throw in the towel and retreat to the mountains for good right? Because just like me, I know you have witnessed all of these, succumb to quite a few and probably failed at most. Then shamefully promised yourselves you’re not doing this again, you’re never going back, no way in hell and then you plunge right in. And just like me, you now find yourself somehow caught up in this new world of veganism.

Makes you feel almost uncool being a meat eater!!

I’m Indian and I think majority of my country are advocates of vegetarianism, but I’m also Panjabi. I’m sure you’ve heard of the classic Butter Chicken or Black Dhal in an Indian cuisine. Pretty self explanatory, its doused in nothing but butter and cream and milk and everything dairy with a lot of chicken, mutton and other animals. Far from vegan and certainly another planet from raw. I loved my meat but the more I read about the health benefits of being vegan the more I found myself playing devils advocate with my guilty conscience.

So is this a new trend or the real deal? 

A highly recommended book fell into my lap a year ago, The Sunfood Diet Success System. I’m quite a fan of reading health and fitness books, but suddenly a 600-page book all about going raw, uhm lets say didn’t really wet my appetite! After it lay on my bookshelf for a while and due to absolute boredom, I got myself to turn the first page. I then didn’t put the book down till the very last page and carry it with me everywhere I go.

photo (31)

I have started reading many books about the same and now more about disease reversal through nutrition, all of which claim that a pure, clean, animal free, including dairy free diet is the way forward. I’m not trying to be a preacher here because I’m not exactly a hailing vegan at the moment but somewhere something inside is definitely changing. I guess I have lived under a misconception that we need our protein, i.e. meat to build muscle, run faster to get stronger and then I read about Scott Jurek, who competed and won probably most, if not all of the toughest Ultra Marathons in the world and he’s VEGAN!

Scott jurek

As I immerse myself into nutritional research and study, I am exposed to the truth and the truth is that everything out there is nothing but a lie. I know it’s a harsh statement but it’s damn accurate.

Going vegan has brought nothing but good into my life. I feel cleaner, lighter, stronger and fitter. While I lost fat, I gained muscle. Yes more muscle than I did when I was on a meat and dairy diet. There are so many myths surrounding veganism, especially when it comes to the adequate levels of protein, it’s frustrating. So lets put it into perspective. I guess you will agree the most well known profession relating purely to muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth) is bodybuilding and the “obvious” known fuel is protein, made up of mostly meat, fish, eggs and dairy right! Then comes Jim Morris, a 78-year-old Vegan bodybuilder, takes what we believe and think we know, squashes it into one small meaty, fishy, eggy, dairy ball and throws it right back at us.

Don’t go vegan but don’t be fooled!

A must watch!

Vegans can have a sweet life too!! http://www.psitsvegan.co.uk/


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kautuk says:

    “…with a lot of chicken, mutton and other animals.” …hahaha. I have turned veg for a couple of weeks, but not full on vegan. Doing this for the first time so lets see.

    1. Yay!!!! keep me updated please. I want to know how you feel. 🙂

      1. Kautuk says:

        yeah i anyways have a spartan diet.. u know I have heard of yogis who only live on vitamin D from sunlight, but i guess thats aiming a bit too high !!

      2. Literally!!!! Hahaha

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