Are we really who we think we really are?

From the inside we are made up of infinite layers, numerous folds and countless creases to only work so hard in molding ourselves into perfectly shaped seamless beings. If I could glance into the soul of a woman, I picture a myriad of illuminating strings that chaotically runs from end to end, some finding its way and some very lost in the commotion.

They say we are changing. They say we are becoming more “man-like” in our perceptions, actions and reactions. They say we are now a threat. I say that although there is an underlining truth in those statements, we are still very much a part of our traditional evolution. I have been surrounded by strong, dominant women all my life, tried very hard myself to stay away from those stereotypical prejudices of being labeled “girly”. Then at testing times, when the mask exposes itself a tiny bit, the truth is revealed.
photo 1 (9)When we talk about the strength of a woman, we talk about her ability to lure, seduce and use her inner “WONDRESS” to get what she wants. The more we deny it, the more truth that lies in it. But I had an interesting debate about the true meaning of the term seduction. While I argued miserably supporting the underlying connotation referring solely to sexuality, he very easily debated me wrong but agreed that it was still a connotation used specifically for women. As I slowly lost words to defend my point of view, his statement got me thinking instead. We have this innate power that lies only within us, be it seduction of a sexual connotation or not, but it’s a power that makes us think into another realm, speak a million words, perform impactful actions and feel the depth of each emotion without intentionally thinking, speaking, doing or feeling.

So then why are we fighting this? Why do we view this as a weakness and deem it as the cause of our inferiority? Do we really have to be overtly loud, boisterous or even dominant and assertive to prove a point and hence be qualified equal to the opposite sex?

photo 2 (9)
Today I encounter various women. From a friend who was kind enough to narrate her inspiring life story, a mother who quietly faces the unattractive inculcated traits of a conventional Indian husband, a woman I am fortunate to work with who has dedicated her life to helping breast cancer patients, a breast cancer patient herself who used her own circumstance to educate others in similar situations and a previously high flying business woman who gave it all up and decided to make her life more worthwhile by dedicating herself to helping older adults to do the same. I then see a very similar trait shared amongst them. A gentle streak, a timid tone and a feminine posterior with an indescribable power that makes them more “man-like” than ever. They embrace their sexuality and their feminism by not opposing our gender discrepancies but very gracefully leaving their unique stamp on it.


As always my thoughts strongly supported the mere belief that the use of physical and mental authority is the method of defying inequality, instead these women very graciously defied my thoughts on every level. I see them and I see all the infinite layers, numerous folds and countless creases worn proudly with every move, every gesture and every word. They epitomize all the meanings of seduction and in the most seductive way possible!


“Maybe because when we see how little we need to survive, it makes us realize how powerful we actually are. To strip down to what we really need. To hang on to only what we can’t do without. Not just to survive but to thrive.” 


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  1. kautuk says:

    you write from depth.. beautiful lines in the beginning, hehehe… A Barry john pic 😀

    1. Samara says:

      Thank you Kautuk….hahah i knew u would recognize that picture!!!

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