And this is what crazy sexy cancer looks like!

Here is why we can learn a thing or two from this very inspiring and very good looking ex model. On the 14th of February Kris Carr was diagnosed with an extremely rare incurable stage 4 cancer, fortunately her cancer is slow growing.

She turned what we might believe to be probably the worst Valentines Day into one of the best gifts she could have ever received. Kris decided to revamp her lifestyle, plunge into the magic of nutrition and created a Crazy, Sexy, Wellness Revolution!

She is the New York Times best-selling author, made an award-winning movie, spoken at various events and even been on Oprah! This woman makes us realize the insignificance of most of our worries and shows you exactly how to make a helpless situation the best possible experience of  your life.

kris oprah

I urge you to check out her page and I promise you will be blown away.

Instead of waiting for the storm to pass…learn how to dance in the rain!



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