What do you want most in the world?

I bet a pencil would be furthest from your mind right? It certainly was for me, but not for this little boy found begging on the streets of India. All he wished for was a pencil and one day his wish came true.

Sometimes we take little moments of joy, savour it and keep in our memory for the rest of our lives to just tap back into it once in awhile and feel it’s joy again. Or we take that moment, experience it right then and there and forever forget. While others take that moment of joy, savour it and let it shape their paths for the rest of their lives. This is what happened to Adam Braun. On his travels he asked an Indian boy begging on the streets what he wanted most in the world and his answer was a pencil. So while Adam felt his little moment of joy, he reached into his backpack handed him a pencil and savoured it with the wave of possibility that washed over the boys face. He then let that moment shape his path for the rest of his life and today he not only gives millions of pencils to underprivileged children, but along with it, books, teachers, schools and a complete and rightful education. Born to be Pencils of Promise.

Pencils of Promise December 2009 Photoshoot, Laos

We all experience these moments from time to time. It’s what we decide to do with it that matters. Sometimes just keeping it in our memory is the best and sometimes using it to fuel our desires and our lives is even better. There are moments that seem insignificant but yet so powerful. Like maybe through a crowded shoulder-to-shoulder travel in public transport, locking eyes with an absolute stranger and instantly recognising each other’s memories without saying a word. Or at times when you fall into a deep laughter with your sister, so hard like the ones straight from the pit of your stomach and then all of a sudden you realise the incredible resemblance you share with each other. And sometimes as you stumble your way to that one out of a million Gyro (kebab) carts on the streets of New York at 3 am to satisfy your ravenous appetite and end up brushing shoulders with a random stranger who just might become a little more than an acquaintance almost a year later (Yes Gyro food carts hold a very special place in my heart right now!).

photo (40)

Then there are those moments that change everything about you. I have one such memory that takes me right there, a memory that remains so deeply in my soul and brings such joy, every time I visit that place in my mind. Those special evenings when my mum and I had our personal one on one “dates”, she would let her hair down and just dance (I now know where I inherited my two left feet, but admittedly I’m much worse). Anyway in those moments we wouldn’t have a care in the world. Nothing mattered except for her, our make belief dancefloor, and I. It was a place where we could be foolish, ridiculous and drown in our little moment of joy. I savoured every second of it.

Today I train in cancer exercise therapy by using dance, movement and exercise to get cancer groovers” (not patients or survivors because they’re much more than that) physically and mentally fit and strong. I see them dance, move and laugh and it takes me back to those evening dates, the make belief dancefloor, that little moment of joy I shared with my mum. As I savoured those memories, I openly let these shape my path forward.


Grab all those moments in your life, savour every bit and don’t let go because they might just end up meaning a little more than a silly laugh, a random encounter or hideous dance session…




8 Comments Add yours

  1. manyata says:

    Wow! I want to read it again and again, its beautiful!

  2. kautuk says:

    All this will be good for people sans cancer as well !

    1. Of course it is!!!! It’s for every single person out there.

  3. Laiqa Shah says:

    So touching,,, and so true… X

  4. Naomi says:

    Lovely post very touching

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