When you get that feeling…

Have you ever had that feeling when you walk into a certain place and it seems like you have been there before? It’s a strange mix of nostalgia and déjà vu. It’s almost unexplainable but yet so certain. I have been having this feeling a while now. The only difference is the place is a country and I have never been there before.

I was first introduced to Africa through a close friend who spent a substantial amount of time there and understandably adopted a love for it. While now he has somewhat moved on from his fascination, I am left yearning to fulfill my dream. Although those around me call it an obsession and whatever the term might be, it is literally impossible for a stranger to leave a conversation without knowing my love for Africa. I love the people, I love the culture, I love the music and everything else that goes along with it. How can I feel so connected to a place that has no connection to my life? And then as days unfold, situations occur and opportunities open up, I have slowly started seeing the most unbelievable connection I could have ever imagined. My work, my personal life and myself have been gradually shaping a path towards the African land and I never even knew it.


I am exposed to the rapidly growing cases of cancer stricken individuals, I learn about the negative impact the illness has on people and I am encouraged by the overwhelming amount of support for the same. But I feel an innate desire to especially help children with cancer. I love kids (as long as they are not mine!) and feel an absolute need to give them the help they rightfully deserve. My aim is to provide my services to the underprivileged and work in places that need it most. But not so long ago…

I always found myself adapting to those around me. It was about their lives, their dreams and their careers. I had no apprehension in holding back my desires to accommodate the other person. Well considering the lack of motivation to accomplish anything and a somewhat blurred career path, made this decision very easy. But today I live in complete opposition to my past. I know what I want and am more than focused to accomplish it. When a special someone walked into my life recently, I was pretty determined to make this very clear. Ironically his desires fell alongside mine. I discovered that his biggest dream was to teach the underpreviledged and travel while doing so, making our lives co-exist smoothly. Not to mention our love for food…

It really has played one of the most important roles in my life today and now his. Yes I hail from a healthy Panjabi family and food is our most valued topic of conversation, but the transition from a strict meat eater to a full-blown vegan has made me experience some major changes on a physical and mental level. Food is essential for everyone but for me it has surpassed just the superficial desire of satisfying a well-rounded appetite. It has become an integral part of my work, my personal life and has created an underlying greed to expose myself to what we call a plant-based diet. There is a fascination to dwelve deeper into developing cultures that are almost void of the processed “American diet” and learn about wholesome living.

And today I couldn’t pick a more apt place than Africa to fulfill my desires and accomplish my dreams for the future, the way I want and with whom I choose.

So next time when you have that strange mix of nostalgia and déjà vu, think again because that just might be your life in the making!


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  1. Kautuk says:

    Africa sounds Great !! I am sure you wont find a place more earthy and natural.. btw If u r travelling there learn a few tips on marathon running as well, there is no better place for it.. 🙂 share it here later, appreciate it.

    1. Oh that is a guaranteed!!!

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