How your worst nightmare can be your best moment yet…

The irony of this highly cliched, over used phrase “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” seems to be one of the most accurate definitions of my life. We all go through pitfalls and I speak from a personal perspective. A perspective from which I lived a whole 7 years, moment to moment in anxiety, stress, disbelief and a lot of hopelessness. My worst nightmare, being a glimpse possibility grew to hard hitting reality, suffice to say a nightmare for one can be a light struggle for another and the level of subjectivity is almost unmeasurable. But watching the most important and loved person in your life suffer and lose a battle is not far from a terrible dream.

Over here, I was almost certain I hit rock bottom and then I was hit harder with post traumatic depression and stress of battling an overarching feeling of void. A very painful and torturous journey led me to surrender and this surrender was in form of pen and paper. Writing was my out road. An escape mechanism but at the same time also a reality check. It brewed thoughts that turned into actions and actions that are shaping my life at this very moment. If I hadn’t gone through my pitfall I wouldn’t have found my purpose. This is the irony of my nightmare. The worst nightmare that I chose to turn into my best moment yet.

We all have felt it but its what we do with it that really matters because sometimes the wrong train might just get you to the right station…

One such story that will most probably change your perspective in 12 minutes.


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