Your strongest and best medicine!

So as you have rightly guessed I have been MIA for a while only because I decided to take a sabbatical from everything. From my writing, super healthy lifestyle and New York City, welcoming a long awaited break. In the span of two months I was lucky enough to visit beautiful places and have some of the most magical experiences of my life. If you’re with me on Facebook I’m sure you were a tiny bit jealous. Just a tiny bit!

photo 5 (1)
Cenote Mexico

Taking the time off was great, but equally frustrating. My hopeless capacity for alcohol took a toll on me, I struggled with finding anything close to vegan at times and my super strong immune system let me down. I hurt my ankle and the sole of my foot that left me sitting on the side, enviously looking at runners making their way under the beautiful West Coast sun through the surreal hills of the Berkshires. My impatience was tested to the limits, at which point I realized I had no choice but to deal with the situation and decided to surrender. I took a long deep “Ujjayi” breath and continued to do so at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts.

photo 3 (10)
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Then something extraordinary happened, I found patience. Through this patience I found something even more extraordinary, the truth. Sometimes I get so involved in my own life, the world that solely surrounds me and specifically with the word “I”, it often leads to forgetting the actual value of the most essential and vital ingredient of my being. I almost always instinctively look for healing in some external entity. Usually in form of a doctor, acquaintance, spiritual advisor, stranger or Google and forget that the answer is right beside me. I love them unconditionally but sometimes detest them with a passion. I drown them in my pitiful tears and laugh together endlessly while we share the most unforgettable memories and fight together through the most painful times.

photo 1 (16)
Tulum Beach Mexico

In this rather unique journey of self-discovery / finding patience I have discovered the importance of re-evaluating, recognizing and acknowledging the presence of those you love. You can’t truly be content with yourself without appreciating the importance of this very vital ingredient in our lives. These are the ones that will actually be with you through thick and thin, good and bad, sickness and in health, the ones that you consider family, your strongest and best medicine. Sometimes it takes running the farthest distance and falling in the deepest and darkest pit to only resurface and see a whole new world. Sometimes it takes finding yourself in a situation that you have no control over but then realising that all the control needed is a doorstep, phone call or a glance away.

Window Cave Puerto Rico

So the best medicine is not always in form of a pill, or the overpriced professional advice or even the completely over the top blown out of proportion information found online, but very simply and blatantly right beside you!

photo (44)




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kautuk says:

    You know sometimes the answers and things we seek the most are right in front of us, maybe we need look at them differently or just wait for the right time to let them come to us.. so do your best and cool your heals, btw that cave in Mexico looks spectacularly beautiful, I will like to go if there are no bats !!

    1. No bats in that one but i suggest don’t even bother about the ones in Puerto Rico…full of them!!!

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