A person once told me that it was horrible to have regrets. In fact many people have told me the same thing a number of times. And as I proudly followed this MOTO in false belief, I realised that regret is what I live in every single day.

I am in a career today 4 years too late, 4 years, 6 months and 17 days too late to be precise. My exposure to integrative medicine and cancer has prompted me to start Wild Mandarin Cancer Connect. Why Wild Mandarin? Because to me it resonates with the power of nature. Cancer Connect, because it’s connecting cancer to this very power of natural healing and cure. We’ll call it WMCC (because I did get carried away with the length) was born from a personal journey in encountering cancer and one of absolute regret.

While I am in the midst of launching WMCC at this moment, I regret not learning all that I have when it was most needed in my life. I regret not having the guts to question or the ability to believe I can educate myself. I also regret not giving my mother a hug when I walked into her room or attending the U2 concert when I had a free ticket . I regret not being more attentive in school or indulging in that sinful dessert almost too often. I regret making some rather sloppy choices and going against my instinct by giving the wrong person another chance.

I regret many things in life, some insignificant and some not so. No matter how big or small, regret has now dared me to question, learn, defy and follow my intuition. These “horrible” regrets has made me build WMCC and taught me to live a healthier, more truthful, fearless and purposeful life that might just save someone else’s.

wild mandarian logo - 23rd Jan 2015

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  1. Kautuk says:

    Sometimes Bigger Ships have larger sails which need a heavier gust of wind to take them out to sea.. you can chart your course by following your instincts and intuition..
    btw i m not comparing u to a bigger ship in terms of size hehehe !! waiting to see your website.

    1. Haha thank you for clarifying that 🙂 yes websites up in may

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