You are perfectly beautiful…

Its safe to say we live in a society that dictates beauty as long luscious hair, unblemished porcelain skin and a body that desperately needs a burger or two (lets that make that meatless burgers for the sake of humanity). As I haven’t been able to escape this brainwash myself, consequently spending majority of my years struggling with being the perfect weight, having the perfect skin and praying for that perfectly luscious hair, I realise beyond this superficial realm of perfect beauty lies something much more important. These ridiculous notions are affecting not only girls like myself but more importantly those who have a bigger issue at hand.

A cancer patient, if undergone conventional treatment will most definitely suffer from some physical implications if not all, which effect their hair, skin, weight and so on. If going through the treatment was not enough! They then try to re-enter into this deluded world of perfection caught in a dilemma of trying to embrace their journey but at the same time hiding away inside.

So right here lets stop for second and dictate what is truly perfect. It is perfectly fine being affected by your body image when going through such an illness but also remembering that it does not define you. I say lets embrace that instead!

The other day I sat opposite a lovely woman who is a renowned exercise physiologist, cancer exercise specialist and cancer survivor herself from New York city. As she told me her story of recovery, my very first and ridiculous response was, “I’m sorry”. She then stopped in conversation, looked at me with big bright eyes and a calm smile and said “Please don’t apologise, cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me”. I felt idiotic but smiled at the same time. What was I thinking? Cancer had changed my life for the better as well, I was completely on her page.

Being in the field, I have had the absolute pleasure to meet and speak with many like Diana. I have seen people become much stronger, healthier and more “perfect” than before their diagnosis. Cancer has not only been a wake up call but has encouraged those to live fearlessly while looking after their bodies, what they put into it and how it makes them feel. They are the dictators of their perfection of beauty and body image. So inspiring and contagious at the same time that it has encouraged me to embrace my very own perfection. One that I dictate. One that I define!

I came across a quote today- “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” and when you read between those lines you realise that comfort is a protection from our fears and hence we remain in that zone. Fears stem from insecurities, but what are insecurities and who defines them? They don’t exist and therefore fear is a false imagination of a emotion that doesn’t really exist.



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  1. Kautuk says:

    That’s an amazing way of defining fear and insecurities and how they relate to false imagination, i never thought abt it that way. An excellent write up, keeps gettin better !!

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