Want to be famous?

Being a newbie in Mumbai, I’m still in the process of gathering all the sites the city has to offer. Many of them actually, bollywood movies, bollywood movie billboards, bollywood music, bollywood news, bollywood homes, bollywood actors, bollywood aspiring actors, bollywood fans and then of course the bollywood fanatics! Alright jokes apart I love this city, the energy and the people who come along with it but every time I drive past Sharukh Khan’s house Mannat (shame on you if you didn’t know that!) and the like, I never fail to find a herd of people standing, waiting, hoping and baking in the Mumbai heat and now torrential rains to get a glimpse of the actor.


If you’re Indian you would easily understand the extent to which this obsession exists. Ok so we all get a bit starry eyed here and there, like when a Ranbir Kapoor walks into the same café as me, I’m going to look twice (or maybe thrice), but what’s interesting is to dive into the psych of those who take it that one notch further. Those who view actors as untouchable, godly figures with superhuman powers, encouraging thousands of people to make their way from near and far in the hopes to get that golden ticket. And then someone such as myself who gave the whole acting stunt a shot, failed miserably and wondered to myself why in hell I ever considered the following. Knowing fully well, deep down inside that there was no real love for the craft or anything close, because I knew zilch about it, but more so for the fame and recognition. It was a childish dream and one that I am far away from today, but as I drove through the Mumbai chaos, my friend pointed out to the gigantic billboard towering over us and said “I want to be on that” and he’s clearly not the only one.

2015-06-19 16.56.00

I’m not denying the love people have for acting but what if another profession was given the same level of recognition as bollywood actors are given and then imagine if the attention went to those who were directly influencing the lives of others? Such as a highflying entrepreneur who gave up her job to create a non-profit, do social work, donate, dedicate and spend the rest of her life changing others, or a young boy who decides to spend his youth training for the army to protect his country, to protect you. Or a nurse who stays up the entire night to make sure you’re taking your every breath. Just imagine if these were the guys that were given the attention, financial freedom, love, fame and admiration to that very same level. Imagine how many would then aspire to be like them. How many would travel near and far, stare at billboards to fulfil a dream and work damn hard to get THIS golden ticket. And then imagine what our country would be like.

But I’m done imagining and I now make a conscious effort to show the world the beauty that exists in my work, this de-glam field of healthcare where we interact with many in their last stages of life while others are nursed back to health. Whatever your passion, there’s magic in it, now all you have to do is show the world what it is and hopefully one day every serving profession will get the recognition it deserves and then maybe just maybe our country will be a better place.


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  1. Nirav says:

    i feel the same way about teaching actually! I dont get why the profession is so grossly underpaid when teachers are the ones who are responsible for probably the most important part of any childs life- education! Well written, honest, and great point 🙂

    1. Absolutely nirav…Well said!

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