What If Today Was Your Last?

We all have an expiry date, but what if that expiry date was suddenly revealed to you? What if you knew that your “forever” was pretty short? The difference between people who live in the present, mindfully and in-tune with themselves, to those who are desperately waiting for a brighter day and running after their tomorrows, is nothing but fearlessness. I am reminded everyday of my expiry date when I interact with terminally ill individuals, who know that their date is approaching and approaching soon. I almost feel like the universe is sending me a message and that message is to live today in this very moment and live fearlessly. How many of us actually do this? I know that I never did and still struggle to do at times. I was always waiting to be more educated, or gain stronger credentials, or lose weight, or save more money, or wait for the call instead of making it, or sometimes thought playing it safe was the way to go. I never failed to make excuses, to concoct a well-structured comprehensive and strategic game plan for the future, which was nothing but excuse from my present!!! 

Now when I hear my own excuses thrown at me by the opposition in a heated debate over the topic, I get to the point and I go harsh. My response is “you could very well drop dead tomorrow” and that mostly results in an exchange of some abusive dialogue or otherwise a sympathetic look that clearly states “oh no this poor damaged girl”. The irony of the situation is that we both know that I am right. We both know that our end could be any day and we have absolutely no idea when. We both know that we make excuses to wait, to wait for that cue, but the difference between you and me is that I know the cue might never ever come. We are now left in an awkward silence that slowly resides in the atmosphere.

But sometimes in this very heated debate that seems to be occurring quite frequently nowadays, I encounter a revelation. Once again fully ready to receive the backlash for my statement, I instead encounter someone who is in absolute agreement with it and when I dig deeper I realise that this person has brushed the eery edges of death, only to find that this is the commonality between us and many others on my side of the debate.

So this is from us to you….

You could very well drop dead tomorrow, so don’t waste your time and live now in the moment because now is all we have and because facing your fears might very well be the most fearless thing you ever do



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