Screw Resolutions


While we glide into 2016, I don’t look back in surprise of where the last year went but instead devour every moment of every day that 2015 gave to me. What an incredible year, one that has propelled me to kick off an even better year ahead. Everything came into sync, like pieces of a puzzle that meticulously found its way through the highs and the lows, the good times and the bad.


2016, the year that I turn the big 30, the year that many many permanent changes are going to take place personally and professionally, setting a foundation for the rest of my life. So as I bring in this very special year, I say screw resolutions.

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I rather take on everything the year has to offer me in good stride. There are changes i would like to make yes and that is already happening, i don’t need a new year resolution to do that for me because as i have learnt many a times from true experience that it turns more into something i despise than actually getting around to doing it.

And then i think to myself, why should we change? who we are is who we are and our “bad” habits if i could call it, has become a part of us through life circumstances and choices, and now becoming a habit. A resolution is not going to break that, a better commitment to ourselves will.

But for those who cant resist, try this instead. Work smart, not hard, be healthy instead of losing weight, don’t look for love but love those in your life unconditionally, be good most times but be bad some, be compassionate and selfish, always look for the good in things and have no time or space for the bad, speak your mind mostly but learn diplomacy, don’t fear questioning anything and everything, love yourself more and recognise the times you screw up, don’t surrender your vices but crowd them out with better healthier habits, learn to laugh at everything, give without expectations, help from the heart, smile when your down, savour every moment of everyday and have a freaking blast!

Happy 2016!!!

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