What really is in the anti-cancer diet?

If you have been doing some research on cancer and nutrition, the alkaline diet might sound familiar to you. Whether its backed by science or not or condoned by every oncologist, it is important to decide for yourself after doing your own research, if it makes sense. According to me the acid – alkaline debate makes more than enough sense.

So what is it? Our bodies work every second to maintain a certain pH level to achieve homeostasis or optimal health. This scale ranges from 0 – 14, 0 being the most acidic and 14, the most alkaline. 7.4 which leans more towards the alkaline side is considered the right balance for good health and the food we eat has a major impact on balancing the pH levels of this scale. Highly acidic food pushes the scale more towards the 0 mark while highly alkaline foods do the opposite. Therefore it is important to balance out the acidic and alkaline foods we eat and drink. And if we are suffering from an inflammatory chronic condition or illness, similar to cancer, then our diet must predominantly consist of highly alkaline foods.

But why? Because cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Acid is toxic and cancer loves toxicity. Its a simple approach, feeding cancer more of what it needs to survive and grow, will result in exactly that. We need to starve the cancer cells and an effective way to do this is through our diet of highly alkaline foods.

pH-Test-Strips-333x250Quick tip – There are ways to check your pH level. A pH test strip for saliva and urine is easily available and it is recommended to be used first thing in the morning.


5 ways of maintaining alkalinity through food?

1. Diet of dark green leafy vegetables in any form – unfortunately we cant escape the green leafy vegetables. Its better than we think.
2. Vegetable juicing – Not fruits but vegetables. This helps us intake more quantity of vegetables than we can eat and hence results in a nutrition overload to our system.
3. Raw apple cider vinegar mixed with water is another way to alkalise – i do this every morning and i swear by it.
4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – Water, the answer for more or less everything.
5. Squeeze of lemon with water – many people feel that lemon or lime is acidic but actually when ingested it becomes highly alkaline. Squeezing a lemon in your water and sipping throughout the day is great and very hydrating.

What is acidic? Its the usual suspects and having these regularly is worse than we think. Have a look at the picture below to get a good understanding of the scale and the foods that fall into each category. There is so much information online about alkaline diets, research further please!

PH Diet



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