The answer to an anti-cancer diet lies somewhere here deep within…

“I have gut feeling”

If you ever wondered where that saying came from, let me tell you it was a perfectly valid place. We have millions of nerve endings in our gut and if I’m not wrong that number might even exceed the amount we have in our Central Nervous System.  Upto 70% of our immunity lies in our gut and thats why my new favorite term is now BACTERIA! Yes you heard it right…bacteria is good for you, or actually let me re-phrase that, good bacteria is great for you!!! Most ailments today start from here. This is the source and this is most often the answer…

In continuation of my previous post “What really is in the anti-cancer diet?”, according to me the magic term is commonly known as microbiota or microflora of the gut that resides in our gastrointestinal tract.
“It has been long known that microorganisms in the human gut play an important role in digestive health. However, more recent research indicates that gut bacteria may relate to wider aspects of health” EUFIC (European Food and Information Council)

Gut flora are microorganisms present in the gut and is known to help in:
– Supporting digestion of food and in turn helps in absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals
– Helps in digesting certain foods the stomach and small intestine have not been able to digest
– Helps to combat aggressions from other microorganisms
– Plays an important role in the immune system, performing a barrier effect

Some common foods that affect the microflora in our gut are:
– Caffeine
– Alcohol
– Sugar
– Red meat
– Processed foods

Essential components for a happy gut are:

Probiotics – live bacteria that supports the gut Untitled1

  • Fermented foods
  • Yogurt Untitled
  • Sauerkraut vegetables
  • Fermented vegetables
  • Miso – fermented soybeans
  • Pickles – not oil based
  • Probiotic supplement


  • Vegetables and fruitsUntitled2
  • Wholegrains
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Flaxseeds are a great source of fibre and omega-3


  • We are made of 55% – 70% water
  • Water flushes out the digestive tract of toxins


  • Stimulates and works digestion
  • Aids in pulverising foods and pushing it through the intestines

I seriously cannot stress more on the importance of acquiring a healthy digestive flow and sorting out any issues we have with our digestion. Most people today have a troubled digestive tract which is killing the good bacteria and in turn our immunity, medication such as antibiotics does the same, therefore complementary support is essential.

Do not ignore the importance of a good digestion and always follow your gut! 


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