How to survive within this cancer inflicted world…

Will we ever find a cure to cancer?

The answer to that question is literally worth over a billion dollars…but here’s my 2 cents. I think we are far far away from that place, a place that we might actually never reach! This is purely my opinion, but a cure that eradicates all cancers once and for all is…. hmmm… lets just say is unlikely!!! Cancer is too bloody smart, too quick, too swift and too damn deadly than the human body or brain.

So what do we do? give up and throw in the towel, hope for the best, cross our fingers and toes and live our lives away? Hell no… Of course not! While I spent over 6 years beside my mother in every chemo cycle, every doctors appointment, every test, waiting, hopelessly waiting for someone or something to reveal a cure to cancer, almost hanging on to that hope by a wilting string, I realised I might just be waiting and hoping for the rest of my life.

Whether a cure is found or not, I’m not waiting anymore. 

The reason I believe we are far from finding a cure is because today cancer really is becoming more a lifestyle disease than one which is genetic or age related and as the world advances, toxicity rises and hence cancer rates rise simultaneously.We will always be playing catch up while cancer cancerizes it’s way ahead. We almost cannot avoid the toxic environment we live in no matter where we go. Therefore as we continue this way, we focus on building our immunity and transforming cancer into more of a chronic illness that we live with rather than something that takes us away. The world of cancer is changing, not necessarily towards finding a cure but more towards living with cancer, controlling its uncontrollable proliferation of mutated cells, now becoming a chronic ailment such as diabetes, arthritis or even hypertension. Yes its not ideal but I would’ve rather settled for that, than what I had to endure!

When I see millions and billions of dollars going towards finding a cure, I truly believe I am not the only one who knows it can be used more strategically. Imagine if we utilised that money towards strengthening ourselves, becoming immune to cancer and creating treatment that controls the disease, keeps us in remission with almost no side effects and lets us live a happy normal quality long life.

2016-01-28 23.22.07

” What is certain, however, is that even the knowledge of cancer’s biology is unlikely to eradicate cancer fully from our lives. We might as well focus on prolonging life rather than eliminating death. This war on cancer may be “won” by redefining victory.” Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee – THE EMPEROR OF ALL MALADIES 



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