What it’s really like to have cancer…

Although I lost one of the most precious people to me from cancer after living it beside her day by day, and now experience the cancer journey through my work, I always wonder what its really like to have cancer and what is the best way to interact with someone who does or did. Do I be completely normal and almost ignorant of it or do I sympathise greatly, or somewhere in between?

And the reason I feel this is because I know that going through a life changing event that hasn’t happened to someone else, doesn’t feel right when they say they know what you’re going through or at least pretend to. It made me almost livid when people tried to sympathise with me for the loss of my mother and had no idea what it was like. Not trying to be the most cynical person here because I know people do have the right intentions (most times) but having had that experience initiates the wonder now.

But these guys pretty much sum it up…



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