Recovery and rehabilitation after cancer treatment

Its surprising to find that recovery and rehabilitation is almost always considered physical. Something that relates to strengthening physiological function, musculoskeletal conditioning or increasing range of motion, or the other connotation falling into the realm of drug and alcohol abuse. But if you were to look up the right definition of rehab – “the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness” you will notice that it refers to more and nowhere claims to be only physical.

So why is it that we don’t consider the importance of rehab or recovery when it comes to illness? Chronic illnesses, such as cancer requires probably more R&R than many other forms of rehabilitation that is widely and abundantly used today. And this is not necessarily physical. Yes physical rehab such as increasing strength or range of motion post surgery, such as a mastectomy is important, but then what happens to all the other equally important areas of recovery, like emotional distress, mind-body, nutrition and so on?

Known as integrative recovery and rehabilitation or integrative medicine, which uses various modalities to help one recover fully from cancer and the treatment, targeting body, mind and soul. The goal is to strengthen immunity, physical and mental functioning in order to recuperate the body as a “whole” and with a focus on reducing or eliminating the risk of relapse. This is imperative and this cannot be ignored. I urge you to research further on the absolute necessity of using complementary therapies to help you through treatment and recovery, also known as Integrative Oncology. (Will be posting next on how and what you can do)

Here are some useful links:



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