3 healthy habits that have changed my life!

You want to get healthier and the first place you turn to is food and exercise, which is not a bad place to start, however health begins inside. I incorporated these 3 habits into my life and forcefully for some others as well and now we can all safely say it’s the best thing we have done for our health.

1. Scraping that tongue2016-05-03 21.45.14 
You might not know this but your digestive health starts in your mouth. This place can harbour
some serious stuff (no not only the odour but many others along with it) and keeping your mouth clean, which is brushing, flossing and my favourite, the tongue scraper is essential. This lovely piece of metal or plastic scraps away all the residue your fibrous tongue absorbs. Believe it or not, but your food starts tasting better. That’s a good enough reason!

2. Pull some oil2016-05-03 21.46.48
Oil pulling rather, is a fantastic way to get into those tiny crevices and literary pull out all the bacteria. The oil flows smoothly in between the teeth and rinses the mouth out. Coconut oil also has antibacterial properties and is a great oil to use but for those who don’t like the coconut, sesame is an equally good alternative. Take a tsp first thing in the morning and swirl the oil around your mouth and sieve between your teeth. Do not swallow! Start with 5 minutes and work your way up. Trust me you will get use to it. Brush your teeth thoroughly after. You will be amazed at how clean your mouth and teeth become as this gets rid of plaque and bad breath. Very important! And as for smokers, don’t you dare skip this point.

3. Apple and cider 2016-05-03 21.47.15
Makes apple cider,  which is something that I have been drinking for a while now. I wake up in the
morning and drink two glasses of warm water with lemon and a tsp of apple cider vinegar. This concoction is not a grandmothers tale but a definitive answer to a clean digestive system. It alkalises the highly acidic stomach you wake up with and then guides you straight to that heavenly place to kick-start your metabolism. Don’t believe me?… Try it!


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  1. Karan Puri says:

    I vouch for these first hand! 🙂 Great stuff

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