My encounter with cancer and changing the world of cancer care…

I took to writing 6 years ago and used the medium as a way to share my story and hopefully inspire someone else to make a difference, take a hold of their life or just learn to live smarter. That path led me into a career of cancer recovery and integrative healing. The creation of the CARER Program is a collection of thought, study, research that all stemmed from my writing. Now I find myself in a dilemma as the persistence to reach millions of cancer patients and help them through the CARER Program has overridden my shy introverted nature of hiding myself behind a pen and paper. So I reluctantly turned towards video in order to use this medium in a more powerful and encouraging way, that can educate and inform people about why integrative healing after cancer is necessary and provide people with a simple, yet effective solution to a major problem we all face in cancer care.

So here you go – this is my story and personal encounter with cancer, how and why the CARER Program was born, and a free access into the CARER Program which also gives you an ebook that is all about prevention and healthy living resources. Go to register and get your access.

Watch, share and enjoy so we all can make a difference!


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