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_U5A1349 copyBorn in what you might call a “modern” Indian family, I certainly am not the “stereotypical” Indian girl. My over protective but unconventional mother more or less made sure of that. When it came to choosing a career, I had the liberty of options. So much so I dwelled upon various concepts from fashion to hospitality to an embarrassing glimmer of hope in acting and then finally settled on an online business. I had set up a company and ready to sell sportswear online. A family business in garment exports for over 20 years and a passion for fitness for almost the equal amount of time, fashion and sports fit seamlessly. One day however while watching an inspirational video of the extraordinary Steve Jobs, “How to live before you die” a statement deeply resonated with me. “The only way to do great work is love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking and don’t settle.” At that moment precisely I knew I hadn’t found what I love to do, or had I and I didn’t know? It certainly wasn’t going over design sketches, fabric sourcing and production.

So there I was, the world was my palace. All I had to do was pick one door and take a step in. I just didn’t know which one. At times like these I was always left with the inevitable convenience of dependency. I would ask my mother and she would guide.

This would’ve been my case 6 years ago, but here I am today, 6 years later with a very different case. I lost my mother through a long treacherous fight against cancer and was left making that choice alone. The journey opened my eyes to many brutal realities that each one of us face or will probably face at some point in our lives. The oncology ward of numerous hospitals became my home where I witnessed extreme cases and dire situations that were unimaginable. I watched blank refusals of curable stage cancer treatment to those who didn’t have the funding and children who saw hospital wards before a classroom. Consequently I decided not to settle. I knew exactly which door I wanted to unlock and how many steps I wished to take.

So after numerous hospitals, treatments, doctors, nurses, needles, medicines, pain, sorrow, heartache, numbness, anxiety, loneliness, hope, no hope, disbelief and grief, I now believe in magic. I lost my real world but through her legacy that she left behind I build my dream world, a small courageous start to hopefully a life full of compassion, abundant contentment and insatiable passion.

No cause is too small, no person is too insignificant, but no help is detrimental. Over here I share my experiences with you. In my mind an experience becomes rich when you share it with others. I hope someday your “liberty of options” makes a difference in someone else’s life.

“A mom like you is impossible, the kind you will never see. Life will never be the same without you, a part of me you will always be…”



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  1. Laiqa Shah says:

    Beautiful Sam, your passion for the cause is so commendable . Much Love

  2. Maya Mathew says:

    Wow! this almost made me tear up… Samy I’m so so proud of you! things are falling into place, your journey has begun and there’s no stopping you now! This blog is (and will be) a beautiful record of that. And who knew! you’re actually good at it! 😉
    So here’s wishing you all the love, joy and success in your new endeavors and to a wonderful new beginning my constant friend and life partner!

    1. Samara says:

      I love you Maya Mathew..you have always been my rock!

  3. Ranji says:

    Lost a dear one after not just one battle that we won, the second one took her away. It is very painful. Sometimes I wished she passed, at times I would wish somehow I die in my sleep to kill this pain of seeing her suffer.
    I guess we become stronger and aware. Great start to a good cause on sharing the awareness!

    1. We sometimes suffer a great deal with the person going through the illness, sometimes even more than the person itself. And there are times that the suffering is so tremendous that the thought of letting them go is a relief. I have been through all of this and it looks like so have you, but we are not alone. This seems to apply to most people going through the experience. “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is a cliched statement but one that certainly holds true with every word. Sometimes our lowest moments steer us in making life changing decisions. This has happened to me and will soon happen to you, if it hasn’t already!
      Thank you for your encouraging words and support. 🙂

  4. I have not read the biography or seen the video on Steve Jobs.. I decided to do what is most interesting and this makes life enjoyable.. Similar story..You are on the rights track..

  5. Bhanu says:

    This is a great initiative to talk about cancer issues and possible solutions. The idea to spread awareness is very well appreciated. Looking forward to read many more posts.

    1. Thank you for the support. We need to change the world of cancer care and make a difference 🙂

      1. Bhanu says:

        Yes, each one for their own objective and ajenda, once we all start spreading the ripples, we will surely make a difference.

  6. ywwp says:

    hello Samara,
    Let us assume – cancer is caused by pesticides issue in our food.
    Then what is the solution…


    1. Hey. If we assume that one of the reasons for cancer is caused by pesticides then we have to take precautionary efforts in making sure everything that we ingest, food and beverages are all organic and pesticide free. There are more and more organic supermarkets and farmers markets coming up. Although the prices might be higher, it is your health which really is priceless. This will also ultimately affect other big chain supermarkets and agriculture sources who provide us with pesticide rich foods.

      1. ywwp says:

        thanks for the update –
        I checked ur video….
        Really appreciate your noble work…

      2. Thank you so much for the support.
        You’re doing some amazing work yourself!

  7. Arora Ji says:

    Great Work Samara Just came to know via Your Story Shared Today.
    It’s a great effort to serve others and keep going
    Really appreciable.

  8. Saandip Mytreya says:


  9. Taj Haslani says:

    Vishal is a good friend. Just finished listening to his talk with you. Very inspiring. Next time you are in NYC, let me know.

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