Changing the conversation…

I experienced a close family member battle cancer for many years and was convinced that her limited diagnosed lifespan was actually stretched way beyond the time determined because of her active lifestyle and positive mind. Reason being that I saw a rapid deterioration when physical movements were restricted which in turn had negative implications on a mental level. I began to recognise a strong correlation between the body and the mind. The importance of movement in healing and recovering. That’s when I dug deeper. That’s when I opened my limited perception to a much wider horizon that reached far beyond our conventional reality and in turn got a glimpse into a whole new world of integrative healing.

Since then I have never looked back and now am a Cancer Exercise Specialist, Breast Cancer Recovery Trainer and a Holistic Health Coach. I strive towards implementing integrative healing in the lives of every cancer patient by educating, encouraging and connecting you to the most effective  complementary therapies available worldwide.



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