Facing cancer!

Cancer, Exercise, Nutrition

photo-1-1Who knew that one-day these words would be music to my ears, let alone use it in the same sentence. Cancer, the one thing that haunted me for many years while I witnessed it take control over the strongest person I knew. Just hearing the word gave me chills and quite honestly still does at times. We view it as such a devilish entity that comes into our bodies to fight and seems to win more frequently these days. When I lost my mother to this deadly disease, I thought I was done. I didn’t want to hear, see or be next to anything that remotely reminded me of cancer or anything associated with it, so I conveniently avoided conversations, people, hospitals or any lingering memory.

The world works in the strangest of ways and now my life, my future and career is surround by cancer, exercise, nutrition and integrative healing. How did this complete turn of events take place? Well simply by witnessing cancer take control over the strongest person I knew!


None of this would make sense if I didn’t explore the world of running and therefore find it imperative in sharing this tiny piece of my life with you. It is often such a feared misunderstood term. You think running and you think hard work, fat loss, sweat, painful, impossible, not you! I think running and I think life, freedom, meditation, therapeutic, spiritual, liberating and so me!

I was a pretty good runner all through school (if I can say so myself) but then again in retrospect I fear those around me were actually pretty bad, anyway I’d like to believe the former. Then like every teenage girl, things happened, boys happened, university happened and then soon something called responsibility happened. My running days died down and totally went out the window once my mother was diagnosed. I turned to food and soon realised that I was digging myself into a deeper darker hole.

I put my trainers back on and struggled with every step barely making it to a mile. As I painfully suffered inside feeling the loss and complete void in my life, I regained my physical strength and ran for hours at a time, lost in thought. I would think about my perfect childhood, so protected, so loved, such a contrast to where I was and then slowly and very magically I found me. I can safely say this very simple and easy movement has taken me through the hardest terrains.

“In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.”


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  1. vinay kumar bandi says:

    well happy to see like thiskind of sharing ideas and supporting to who they are facing bludy cancer ,
    am very much happy and support you @samaramahindra,

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